Our values

Providing professional services through a highly skilled team

To accomplish our mission, our team at AYW consists of experienced and skillful associates that work closely with engineering and technical specialists in order to ensure that our clients will always receive a professional experience with us.

Putting clients at the heart of what we do

Having the privilege of creating value for our clients, AYW must prioritize their needs before anything else. This value allows us to earn trust and create meaningful business relationships with every opportunity we are given.

Providing sustainable solutions through strategic outlooks

AYW values approaches that will create impact not only in the short run, but also the long run. Therefore, we offer solutions that are sustainable to businesses and are highly adapted to the pace of the technological era.

Our professional services includes

Professional Service

As an IT solutions specialist, AYW Corporation Co.,Ltd. always offers the most suitable and flexible solution integration services that are agile, secure and cost effective. Here are AYW service methodology: Listen, Consult, Solve and Report.


Our professional services portfolio includes:

  • System Design
  • Solution Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Services

With skillful and professional services team, working together with engineering and technical staff, AYW helps customers to understand the current state of their business communications systems and to ensure in alignment with their business objectives.

Consulting Service

Customer value is the primary focus of our philosophy. We interpret success and value in customer terms. By continually sharing a crystal-clear understanding of our customers’ business challenges, long-term goals and aligning communications-enabled business solutions to address them, AYW makes a difference wherever it counts most.


AYW consulting portfolio includes:

  • Communications-enabled Problem-Solving Plan
  • Optimization Planning & Actions
  • Reporting successful result

Maintenance Support Service

With more than 10 years of experience in IT infrastructure maintenance support service across Thailand, AYW Corporation Co.,Ltd. has the technology and expertise to optimize your IT systems. Supported by a large pool of certified engineers, we are well equipped to meet your comprehensive infrastructure support needs.


Our maintenance support services include:

  • Spare parts replacement
  • Configuration services
  • 24/7 Hotline service
  • Remote support for hardware and software
  • On-site support for hardware and software

Managed Service

AYW offers a full range of Managed Services that provide flexibility and selective outsourcing options. By providing variety of business models from simple, remote infrastructure management to full, on-site service, to be assured that AYW always has a plan for you.


Our managed services include:

  • Monitor and manage LAN, WAN, Server, CCTV, VOIP and PBX Infrastructure
  • Security and VPN to improve network availability and to reduce downtime
  • Our experts complement the core competencies of your IT staff, taking up network management and freeing up internal IT resources to focus on strategic business issues.

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