About us

we have been at your side for over 10 years

We assist in fixing problems, with an effective level of protection

AYW Corporation monitors the operating systems we install for our customers to prepare for irregularities or cyber threats, which we can report and explain to customers immediately.

For bigger problems, our professional team is ready to provide assistance. “We are protectors.”

Public Security0%

Network Security0%

Technical Support0%

Technology Consulting0%

Source Intelligence0%

“Safe and confident” is our trademark

AYW Corporation has an excellent service record and a leader in the cyber and public security business. With over 10 years’ security experience, we are a leading distributor of security products and managed IT networks in Thailand. Along with risk management services and consultancy, we help to make your organisation system stable and safe. This guarantees confidence for our customers.

We also install network systems and monitor both inside and outside the building with security systems recognised around the world. We are trusted to take care of network security in leading organisations, including important national agendas. Our team of experts is ready to protect your network with advanced care in the form of integrated hardware and software. “Every problem has a solution. Just tell AYW.”


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