E.S.( OCR enterprise scanner )

OCR enterprise scanner mark-3 datasheet

What is OCR?
Digital character recognition is in many use cases such as Optical Character Recognition
(OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Intelligent Image Recognition (IIR). When you
scan a document that has text on it, the scanner simply takes a picture
of the page and saves it as an image. Text saved in an image cannot be edited
or searched, so the data it contains is useless to other software applications.
In order to transform this information into an editable format that you can search, copy, and
modify without retyping it manually, you need Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Easy to Use (Including / Cast Admin Tool) 80%
Secured system 90%
Own Devices 95%
Entertainment 90%

Increase in-house Revenue stream

Enhance Guest Experience

Promotion / Advertising features

Document Transformation

Support transformation to Word, Excel,
Power Point, Text and searchable pdf

Recognition Languages

– Software be able to recognizes the following languages.
– 93%-98% accuracy range after training for standard fonts.
– Default be able to recognition language by bookmarking the corresponding
link. – Support image size 300 DPI , fix format and size 14 or higher, grayscale

OCR provides Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs,
allowing you to call APIs using HTTPS.

We provide a template creation service that allows the digital interpretation of any PDF document.

The key components of automated document processing is the ability to take a paper
or scanned (PDF) document and extract from it the data that the enterprise systems
require for their business processes. Different languages, especially non-European
ones that use complex and interdependent character sets were interpreted with difficulty, if at all. Recently there has been a quantum leap in capability, in part because
of the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the interpretation of scripts.